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Selaraa - Diplomat

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1Selaraa - Diplomat Empty Selaraa - Diplomat on Sat Dec 12 2015, 18:04


Have you read the Guild Laws?: I have.
*Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?: I do.
*Character Name   : Guardian Selaraa Ravencraft
*Character Class  : Priest
 Character Level  : 100
 Player Age (18+) : 27
 Most Recent Guild: The Veridian Society
*Requested Role   : Diplomat
*Character Notes  : 

Selaraa Ravencraft was born in Hillsbrad Foothills, her mother and father working with Diplomats of Dalaran the girl was often seen running and playing in the city streets until her attention was turned to the ways of the Light. 

At the age of 18 she lost both of her parents to the vicious ways of war and she stopped pursuing the ways of the light and turned to the battlefield, swearing to help those that needed her aid. After much time she pulled back on her efforts, as war takes its toll on a person. With her booksmarts and battle readiness she is trying to make a name for her fallen family in any way that she can. 

2Selaraa - Diplomat Empty Re: Selaraa - Diplomat on Sat Dec 12 2015, 18:23


Application reviewed and approved after successful IC and OOC interview by Espectra (guild lead) 12-12-2015
Member to promote to Diplomat 01-12-2016
Member partner is Durack

3Selaraa - Diplomat Empty Re: Selaraa - Diplomat on Mon Feb 08 2016, 18:19


Strike 3: 02-08-2016
Re-apply on: 05-08-2016
Strike 1: New Member
Strike 2: 12-12-2015
Statute:  3: Activity
Number of Offenses: 1

Member has been entirely inactive in the guild since her probationary period began.

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