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Ventaril - Diplomat

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1Ventaril - Diplomat Empty Ventaril - Diplomat on Wed Jan 13 2016, 06:11


*Have you read our Guild Laws?:

- Yep-yep! ~ Ducky; Land Before Time

*Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?:

- Uh-huh.

*Character Name:

- Ventaril Oakskin, Hermit, Druid, Venty, Gramps.

*Character Class:

- Druid.

Current Level:

- 17.1 if memory serves. I was 10% or so into 17. :^)

Most Recent Guild:

- None on Ventaril, but The Death Watch is my main's guild, it's sorta dead, however, so contact if you can find one of the members on. Some of the newer people don't know me too well, unlike the oldy-goldies.

Player Age (18+ only):

- 18.6 ;^)

*Requested Role:

- Diplomat is what I was assigned to by Espectra.

*Character Notes:

- Ventaril is old, ancient almost. A half-Kaldorei half-Troll descendent from a more barbaric time. Due to the race's close relations, however, it's hard to differentiate him from normal Kaldorei. He was trained by Malfurion Stormrage himself, as per many of the rising druids after the events of the War of the Ancients. He was not a Highborne, but a magus-warrior he was. To this day, he still feels the lingering draws of arcane addiction. He is a self-proclaimed Druid of the Recluse, a sub-section of druids who seclude themselves from society in order to speak with the spirits, or whisps, of past Kaldorei, and to the trees, and walk the Dream to reminisce the past of some places. They do not adopt animal forms often upon the natural realm. The Archdruid of the Recluse-circle of Druids is currently Ventaril, the only member. 

Ventaril has not used his powers for violence in awhile, instead he is partly to blame for the flourishing fauna that so many curse in the Feralas-woods, for he enjoys plant-speak, even if others find it droll and boring. He could sit for hours on end, simply listening to the trees argue back and forth, groaning in the wind and complaints of achey roots or trunks. Ventaril is a simple man, being thrust into the position of Diplomat by Lady Espectra. Even now he has spoken for blessing by two of the ancient druid eternals that fought during the War of the Ancients.

- His personality is that of a hermit, or a hermit-sage. He covets knowledge, and is voracious when it comes to such. He will devour information given and simply hoard it, unwilling to share, for that is how he has been for the last ten millenia. He will also readily pull up a log, dead for a long amount of time he'll tell you, and begin to recall stories of the past civilization he experienced through Whisps and other interesting spirits. Of what was Before the Children of the Stars and Night. Of a time, long past, but remembered by ancient trees still standing. Or of an interesting tale he was told by a passing bear, or mayhaps the story of the clever and angry badger who he accidentally stepped on one day. He abounds with knowledge, if one is to listen and has the time.

2Ventaril - Diplomat Empty Re: Ventaril - Diplomat on Fri Jan 15 2016, 08:02


Application reviewed and tentatively approved, pending successful OOC interview, by Espectra (guild lead) 01-15-2016.
OOC interview to be completed at earliest available opportunity.

NOTE: Though the IC interview was completed with Diplomat being the suggested role, player may opt to choose a different role for his character than was assigned if the role of Diplomat does not appeal or if a different role seems a better fit for the character's personality.

3Ventaril - Diplomat Empty Re: Ventaril - Diplomat on Sun Jan 17 2016, 10:34


OOC interview successfully completed 01-16-2016 by Espectra (guild lead)
Member to promote to Diplomat 02-16-2016
Member partner is Zetsayaa.

4Ventaril - Diplomat Empty Re: Ventaril - Diplomat on Sun Feb 28 2016, 20:14


Member left the guild on his alt of his own accord, asking for his main to be removed in the process, on 02-28-2016 after a short discussion with Espectra (guild lead) regarding his activity waiver status.
Due to member's attitude when leaving the guild, a 3-month ban is imposed despite the member never having promoted out of probation.
Member may reapply on 05-28-2016.

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