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Lysali - Opportunist

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1Lysali - Opportunist Empty Lysali - Opportunist on Mon Feb 15 2016, 21:42


Have you read the Guild Laws?  Yes.

Do you agree to abide by the guild laws?  Yes.

Character Name:  Lysali Packsong.

Character Level:  100

Character Class:  Rogue

Player Age (18+):  Over 18, will reveal in-game.

Most Recent Guild:  This character has never been in a guild.  I am currently a part of <Beholders Eye> on the Horde side of Wyrmrest Accord.

Requested Role:  Opportunist.  I feel that my character could suit Brawler or Chaser, however, and I would be comfortable with any of the three.

Character Notes:  Lysali Packsong doesn't often speak of her past, nor does she often have the need to.  Many of the older night elves still living in Darnassus will recognize her, and give her looks of either pity, disgust, or avoid looking altogether.

Years ago, Lysali was proudly a Sentinel, from a long line of Sentinels, guarding her people from all threats, within and without.  When Illidan was imprisoned and the order of the Watchers formed to guard him, Lysali jumped at the chance to protect her home from such a dangerous criminal.  She soon fell in love with another Watcher, and became known for her kindness, sweet nature, and unswerving dedication to justice.

However, when the Betrayer broke free of his bonds, Lysali was badly injured and watched, barely conscious, as Illidan butchered her lover.  After she recovered, she set out on a single-minded mission to slay the fel-beast...  only to learn that he'd been killed by someone else.

Lysali Packsong is many things.  To some, a war hero.  To others, a failure of epic proportions.  To everyone else, a lone wanderer, searching for a purpose.  To herself, she is...  simply lost.

Hated or avoided by most of her kind, Lysali now reaches out...  but for what, she does not know.  There are parts of her that are broken, but she's come to the realization that she cannot spend eternity alone.

2Lysali - Opportunist Empty Re: Lysali - Opportunist on Mon Feb 15 2016, 22:30


Application reviewed and tentatively approved post-OOC interview and pending IC interview by Espectra (guild lead) 02-16-2016
IC interview to be completed at earliest available opportunity.

3Lysali - Opportunist Empty Re: Lysali - Opportunist on Sat Feb 20 2016, 00:30


IC interview completed 02-19-2016 by Espectra (guild lead).
Member to promote to Opportunist 03-19-2016
Member partner is Lillyashdown.

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