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Halvar - Brawler

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1Halvar - Brawler Empty Halvar - Brawler on Fri May 13 2016, 20:38


Have you read the Guild Laws?: Yes
Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?: I do
Character Name   : Hàlvar (The A is Alt 133)
Character Class  : Warrior
Character Level  : 1 (I level fast)
Player Age (18+) : 27
Most Recent Guild: Northwatch Sentinels
Requested Role   : Brawler

Character Notes  : The events surrounding Halvar's birth are sadly lost to time, having been left on the orphanage steps when he was just a baby. Despite this he's worked hard to earn his place wherever he's called home. When he was young he begged several smith's in the Dwarven District to take him on as an apprentice until finally an old dwarf named Duramont took him under his wing. 

He spent many years learning to craft weapons and armor but it wasn't until the war in Northrend that he took up arms to defend the people of The Alliance. He served Varian Wrynn valiantly through several campaigns until after The Siege of Orgrimmar when upon learning of Duramont's death returned home to bury his old friend. Today Halvar wanders the streets of Stormwind taking jobs as they come and working the forges until the early hours of the morning.

2Halvar - Brawler Empty Re: Halvar - Brawler on Sat May 14 2016, 22:15


Application reviewed and approved after successful IC and OOC interview by Espectra (guild lead) 05-14-2016
Member to promote to Brawler 06-14-2016
Member partner is Karliah

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