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Xezri - Thief

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1Xezri - Thief Empty Xezri - Thief on Tue Jul 05 2016, 17:27


*Have you read the Guild Laws?: Yes
*Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?: Yes
*Character Name   : Xezri "Shade" Shadowcloak
*Character Class  : Rogue
 Character Level  : 100
 Player Age (18+) : 22
 Most Recent Guild: N/A
*Requested Role   : Thief
*Character Notes  : 

Xezri Shadowcloak, using the alias Shade, is a young prodigy of the age-old art of Alchemy. Not much is known of her early life, even by her.  While performing an experiment to extract the potential power of Fel from the blood of an Orc from the Burning Legion, the process failed and resulted in Xezri coming into temporary contact with the evil energy.  Xezri lost consciousness, and when she awoke, found select parts of her memory gone, including her past relations and memories of her childhood.  

Along with her mind, Xezri found her body mutilated as well.  Her face, now scarred from the cheekbones down, skin burnt and bone blackened.  Scars and gashes line her face.  Her skin, pale and ghostly, never regained pigmentation.  Her eyes went from a shade of sky blue, to a burning amber color.  She was never the same.  After this, she's been on the search for a possible cure for her ailment, and to one day continue her experiments.

After her accident, she found herself nearly numb to all things.  Never feeling remorse for her actions, or doubting her judgments.  Detaching herself from life around her, she soon honed her abilities for espionage.  Given her past experience with Fel, she soon found herself in the midst of the Illidari, aiding in the downfall of Illidan Stormrage from the backlines, spying and reporting intel to the Alliance, who had employed her after her accident, giving her a second chance at life.

After the downfall of the Illidari, she found herself consumed by the death around her, and she soon became infatuated with the concept of it.  Using her knowledge of alchemy and anatomy, and her natural tactical eye, She soon began using her roguish nature for her own gain, against the order of the Alliance, and was soon forced to go into hiding.

'Shade' continues her actions to this day, years later.  Having honed her abilities for combat and stealth, she excels in tactical infiltration and assassination.  Using her poisons and elixirs to incapacitate and alter her targets state of mind, she sneaks along, hiding in plain sight and on the lookout for potential opportunities to continue her research of alchemy, Fel, and the mortality of man.

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2Xezri - Thief Empty Re: Xezri - Thief on Wed Jul 06 2016, 08:34


Application reviewed and tentatively approved, pending IC and OOC interviews, by Espectra (guild lead) 07/06/2016.
IC and OOC interviews to be completed at first available opportunity.
Application will be good until 07/13/2016 (one week from date of tentative approval).  OOC interview must be completed before that deadline.  IC interview may be permitted a delay beyond 7/13/2016 pending scheduled arrangements.

3Xezri - Thief Empty Re: Xezri - Thief on Thu Jul 07 2016, 17:24


OOC interview completed 07/07/2016 by Lillyashdown (Opportunist Enforcer). 

IC interview will be done at the next available time. 

Invited to the guild on a temporary basis until IC interview can be completed.

Member partner will be Karliah.

4Xezri - Thief Empty Re: Xezri - Thief on Wed Jul 13 2016, 10:13


IC interview completed 07/10/2016 by Espectra (guild lead). 

Will promote to Chaser 8/10/2016.

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