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Aradu - Thief

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1Aradu - Thief  Empty Aradu - Thief on Thu Aug 18 2016, 18:13


Yes I have read the Guild Laws and hereby agree to follow and uphold them to the best of my ability. 

Aradu Quickblade
21 years old
Lightning Lancers (However, i was only there for about a week, and made little to no social connections).
Aradu sailed ships as a Swashbuckler for a bit before realizing how much easier it was to sneak onto a ship and simply kill the captain before the conflict actually started, and became an accomplished assassin for a while, both off shore and on. However after nearly 4 years of this he had lost his passion, and set out for something that would make him happy and give him a challenge. He began using his skills as an Assassin and Thief towards more noble goals and began travelling Azeroth in search of exotic places, rare creatures, and on occasion, stuffed pockets.

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Application reviewed and approved by Espectra (guild lead) after successful IC and OOC interview 08-18-2016
Member to promote to Thief 09-18-2016
Member partner is Xezri

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