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Korimeh - Brawler

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1Korimeh - Brawler Empty Korimeh - Brawler on Sun Oct 02 2016, 17:38


*Have you read our Guild Laws?:

I have read the Guild Laws.

*Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?:

I agree to abide by the Guild Laws.

*Character Name:

Korimeh Ceurnish

*Character Class:


Current Level:


Most Recent Guild:

No guild historly

Player Age (18+ only):

25 (12/03/1990)

*Requested Role:


*Character Notes:

Korimeh Ceurnish started life as the son of an herbalist and alchemist mother and a guardsman father. He was taught self-sufficiency by his mother- he has spent time as woodsman who hunted, foraged and planted for his living-, and he barely knew his father, who took all the overtime he could handle in order to get enough money for Korimeh to be taught his letters and the basics of swordsmanship. Due to his lithe frame, Korimeh was taught of the rapier and the trident dagger. Korimeh was in the right place at the right time once, and managed to save the son of a noble from an attack. He was placed in the noble’s guard, and groomed for placement as honor guard to the noble’s son. He attained the skill necessary for the job quickly, but when the noble died and the son took his place, power got to the son’s head and he asked Korimeh to do illegal things, which went against his personal code of conduct and sense of honor. Korimeh would fit in extremely well as a Brawler because, due to his upbringing, he knows the value of dedication and will persevere in whatever he chooses to do. He is also a decent fighter- though he has much room for improvement- and he has a burning need to prove himself and become better.

2Korimeh - Brawler Empty Re: Korimeh - Brawler on Sun Oct 09 2016, 15:56


Application reviewed and approved after successful IC and OOC interview by Espectra (guild lead) 2016-10-04
Member to promote to Brawler 2016-11-04
Member is joining with the intention of becoming an Enforcer, so he is expected to work well with the guild without the need for a member partner.

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