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Jayrath - Chaser

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1Jayrath - Chaser Empty Jayrath - Chaser on Wed Aug 26 2015, 21:12


Hunter Level 23
Age 35
No Recent Guild
Chaser - Due to Hunter Class

Jayrath is a Worgen who hails from Gilneas originally.  Most of the time he spent hunting in the outlying woods, and using scrap metal and mined stones to tinker with his inventions.  He was a bit of a recluse, until he was bitten by what he thought was a large wolf.  After several days, he found himself feverish.

Jayrath did fight in the battle of Gilneas, but unfortunately as the zeppelin came crashing down to earth, a wound he sustained from the final battle caused him to fall from his Wyvern.  He tumbled to earth, and landed through the roof of a small hut.  He didn't know how long he was there, but he was broken and bruised.  A passing Pandaren lass who was traveling the world found him, and got him onto a ship to Darnassus, where he was taken care of. He has an affinity to their kind because of the kindness.

He tends to be reclusive at times, but has not forgot his social graces.  He enjoys exploring and communing with the wild, being a bit of a beast himself.  He feels like an outsider, but doesn't want to remain one.  His sense of humor can be dry, but he is level headed until insulted. He does not tolerate disrespect. 

When he was healed, he never found the Pandaren lass that saved his life, but he did go to Stormwind, finding the elvish world a little too strange.  He is currently working for the city of Stormwind, fighting off the hoard on days he is not exploring.

2Jayrath - Chaser Empty Re: Jayrath - Chaser on Wed Aug 26 2015, 22:00


Application reviewed by Espectra (guild lead) 08-26-2015
Approved after successful OOC interview
Member to promote to Chaser 09-26-2015
Member partner will be Yinu

3Jayrath - Chaser Empty Re: Jayrath - Chaser on Thu Sep 17 2015, 19:27


Member left the guild of his own accord 09-17-2015
Member left without a word to guild leadership, but he is believed to have realized his own lack of ability to meet activity requirements and left as a result.
Member my reapply 12-17-2015

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