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Laurelysia - Chaser

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1Laurelysia - Chaser Empty Laurelysia - Chaser on Mon Sep 05 2016, 10:41


*Have you read the Guild Laws?: YES
*Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?: YES 
*Character Name   : Laurelysia  "Sia" Shadowfury
*Character Class  : Illidari/ Vengeance Demon-hunter
 Character Level  : 107
 Player Age (18+) : 27
 Most Recent Guild: N/A
*Requested Role   : Chaser
*Character Notes  :
Laurelysia's entire adult life has been nothing but war, death, and, recently, imprisonment by the Wardens. 

She was born in Ethel Rethor, the ruins of which still stand in Desolace, to a druidic family. She was the youngest of two children, her elder sister having already come of age and dedicated herself to Elune some four hundred years before Laurelysia's birth. She had just come of age herself, the tattoos from her ceremony still scabbed over, when everything was taken from her by the Legion. 

In her naive need for vengeance, she plunged herself into the fight of the Third War, or Chaos War as some know it, eventually following rumors to the Black Temple where she found Illidan Stormrage and his Illidari. She underwent the grueling training and self-inflicted transformation into a semi-demonic being, becoming Illidari in the name of vengeance. For years, she fought alongside her brethren and relished the violence inflicted against the Legion. She was fiercely protective of her own, and considered a blessing of sunlight among her band of Illidari for her rather optimistic outlook and cheerful sarcasm. 

Since being freed from the Vault by Warden Shadowsong, Laurelysia has recently come to realize that she would like more than war and death (imprisonment, however long, gives a Kaldorei time to think). She has been searching for a new purpose. Rumor, again, has led her to a new group of people and their diversity fascinates her. 

The role of Chaser, a bodyguard, will do Laurelysia well as her innate need to protect and defend is what drives her today. Though she has yet to charge a fee for such a thing, she doesn't believe in letting opportunity go either and relishes the future ahead of her. 

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Application reviewed and approved after successful IC and OOC interviews by Espectra (guild lead) 09-05-2016
Member to promote to Chaser 10-05-2016
Member partner is Halvar.

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