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Rogh - Chaser

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1Rogh - Chaser Empty Rogh - Chaser on Sat Sep 12 2015, 15:07


Have you read the Guild Laws?: Yes
Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?: Yes
Character Name   : Rogh
Character Class  : Shaman
 Character Level  : Currently Lvl 7
 Player Age (18+) : 24
 Most Recent Guild: Don't Remember
Requested Role   : Chaser
Character Notes  : My character is a spirit of a wolf named Rogh, He was a pet of a dwarf hunter, so his human transformation is his old hunter. He would be a natural tracker and hunter, making him great for a Woodsman. Or would it be Woodswolf?

2Rogh - Chaser Empty Re: Rogh - Chaser on Sat Sep 12 2015, 16:21


Reviewed and approved after successful OOC interview by Espectra (guild lead) 09-12-2015
Member to promote to Chaser 10-12-2015
Member partner will be Jayrath

3Rogh - Chaser Empty Re: Rogh - Chaser on Tue Oct 06 2015, 17:40


Member left of his own accord without notice and after being inactive for some time 10-03-2015
Due to the unusual nature of the way the member left, despite the fact that he was still in his probationary period, a one-quarter ban will be placed on the player.
Member may reapply for guild membership on 01-03-2016.

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