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Irrien - Chaser/Brawler

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1Irrien - Chaser/Brawler Empty Irrien - Chaser/Brawler on Sun Feb 21 2016, 00:14


Have you read the Guild Laws?: Yes

Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?: Would be my pleasure to.

Character Name  : Irrien
Character Class   : Rogue
Character Level  : 100
Player Age (18+)  : 30
Most Recent Guild : Aethlvohl Tailoring Company
Requested Role   : Chaser/Brawler

Character Notes  : 

It's nothing new to see a man skulking about the shadows, his features concealed by a hood and mask. At first glance the one called Irrien would appear no different than the average ruffian, but a closer inspection reveals a different tale.

The leathers that cover most of his form appeared exceptionally well-kept, bordering on ornate despite his well-traveled boots.  When standing in the light, his posture is rigid and upright, almost noble in bearing, and every movement is performed with an seemingly effortless, dancer's grace.
Removing his mask reveals the tanned skin of a man in his early to mid 30's, with sharp avian features and high cheekbones framed by rich auburn hair that falls just below his shoulders.  Deep-set amber eyes peer out from beneath sculpted brows with curiosity and intelligence, and a faint smile seems to ever tug at the corners of his lips.  His speech, while mostly formal in its low tenor, is somewhat of an oddity - hinting at a less than typical upbringing.

Perhaps most notably, a pair of jeweled daggers hung from his belt.  A gleaming ruby is embedded into the hilt of the one on his right hip and a sparkling sapphire in the one on his left.

Such a man cannot remain idle for long, for there's always the hunt - for the next employer as much as the next target.  Whispers have reached his ear of such an organization, with like-minded individuals and opportunities like no other.  One cannot help but be drawn to investigate, yes?

2Irrien - Chaser/Brawler Empty Re: Irrien - Chaser/Brawler on Mon Feb 22 2016, 00:16


Application reviewed and tentatively approved pending IC and OOC interview by Espectra (guild lead) 02-21-2016
IC and OOC interview to be completed at first available opportunity.

3Irrien - Chaser/Brawler Empty Re: Irrien - Chaser/Brawler on Tue Feb 23 2016, 16:08


IC and OOC interview successfully completed 02-22-2016 by Espectra (guild lead)
Member to promote to Chaser 03-22-2016
Member partner is Rethelle

4Irrien - Chaser/Brawler Empty Re: Irrien - Chaser/Brawler on Sat Apr 16 2016, 11:40


Strike 3: 04-16-2016
Re-apply on:  07-16-2016
Strike 1: New Member
Strike 2: 02-22-2016
Statute: 3 Activity
Number of Offenses: 1

Member has been offline for a period of more than two weeks without login or notice of extended absence during probationary period.  An early discussion about his inactivity in the guild ensured guild leadership that he would be more active, but no signs of additional activity have been seen.

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