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Dazarshan - Brawler

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1Dazarshan - Brawler Empty Dazarshan - Brawler on Sat Dec 20 2014, 16:13


Character Name: Dazarshan
Character Class: Death Knight

Character Level: My character is level 59 as of right now. I do plan to go all the way to level 100.
Age: 18
Most Recent Guild: My most recent guild was no guild at all. I honestly only role played on the Public Testing Realms of W.O.W. So this will be a new experience for me to be in a real R.P. guild.
Requested Role: I wish to be a Brawler. I like P.V.E. and I also enjoy P.V.P. Every aspect of the game is fun to me.
Character Notes: Dazarshan is a death knight who in life was a lowly thief who had once tried to steal from a group of paladins. In short, the paladins changed his ways and he soon too became a Paladin. Afterwards, war after war came to Dazarshan. He soon fell in the last war Azeroth had faced, and he was later raised as a Death Knight during the events of the Lich King's reign over all of the undead. He was set free after everything and became a low-life fighter for gold. To him, it feels like he is lowly all over again...

I feel as if Brawler would be good because I.C.-Wise, I see Dazarshan as a powerful figure who protects while also being a cold-blooded fighter when not around his family. It is like he has two personalities. One is a cold-blooded fighter with no regard but for his own. His second one is where he seeks to protect. 

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Reviewed and DECLINED by Espectra (guild lead) 12-20-2014.
Player admits in his application to being inexperienced with WoW roleplay as a whole, and his writing style reflects that.  He was encouraged to find a guild where he could get more experience under his belt before applying to a more advanced roleplay environment such as Rivals of Trust.
Additionally, player was less than honest about his age.  Player's age stated as 18 in application (in black, to make it difficult to read), 19 in registration, and 20 in OOC interview.  Informed player that we do not want to take that kind of chance in RoT.

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