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Aluchard - Brawler

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1Aluchard - Brawler Empty Aluchard - Brawler on Tue Sep 06 2016, 17:36


Have you read the Guild Laws?: Yes
Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?: Yes
 Character Name   : Aluchard
 Character Class  : Warrior
 Character Level  : 110
 Player Age (18+) : 28
 Most Recent Guild: N/A
 Requested Role   : Brawler
 Character Notes  : Aluchard is a former Paladin, discharged from the order of the light after a chance encounter with a disguised succubus led to his inevitable downfall.

Now known as Aluchard "The Unatoned", The flagship of the d'Outremont family fights to regain his honor.

Now torn between the Crown and coin, honor and freedom. The now mercenary does all he can to re-establish his name on a mountain of gold. 

2Aluchard - Brawler Empty Re: Aluchard - Brawler on Wed Sep 07 2016, 20:42


Application declined by Espectra (guild lead) 09-07-2016
Player DC'd in the middle of his IC interview then promptly /ignored all RoT members when Espectra attempted to make contact again.

Due to the unusual nature of the player's treatment of RoT members, a one quarter ban is in place.

Member may reapply for membership, if desired, on 12-07-2016.

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