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Loctavey - Opportunist

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1Loctavey - Opportunist Empty Loctavey - Opportunist on Sun Aug 28 2016, 17:33


*Have you read the Guild Laws?:  Yes
*Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?:  Yes
*Character Name   : Alvin Q. Loctavey
*Character Class  : Rogue
 Character Level  : 100
 Player Age (18+) : 35
 Most Recent Guild: Scoundrels (currently a guild of one: Loctavey himself)
*Requested Role   : Opportunist
*Character Notes  :

Gambler by trade, womanizer by design, and unholy murder-beast by tragic circumstance.
A sly grin and mischievious eyes, shining beneath the brim of his finest chapeau; this is what most people first see of Alvin Q. Loctavey. He dresses in the colorful finery that (he imagines) would befit a man of standing and good breeding.
While many tavern patrons know him as a loud-mouthed fop, there is more beneath the surface. Like any good gambler, Loctavey tries to keep his cards hidden.
Official records in Stormwind show that Alvin Q. Loctavey was born (poor) in Lakeshire more than three decades past, sometime around the First War. His early years were mostly unremarkable. He had few prospects and fewer plans, other than a never-ending search for "Easy Money."
Sometime before the Cataclysm, Loctavey was smuggling goods into Gilneas when he was captured by the local constabulary. He spent a brief time in prison before escaping during the Worgen infestation. He did not, however, escape unscathed... or unbitten.

Today he travels the Eastern Kingdoms in search of his fortune. Where there are games of chance, get-rich-quick schemes, or unlocked doors, you can usually find Alvin Q. Loctavey.

2Loctavey - Opportunist Empty Re: Loctavey - Opportunist on Sun Aug 28 2016, 22:35


Application reviewed and approved by Espectra (guild lead) 08-28-2016
Member to promote to Opportunist 09-28-2016
Member partner is Coara

3Loctavey - Opportunist Empty Re: Loctavey - Opportunist on Fri Sep 30 2016, 17:15


Strike 3: 2016-09-30
Re-apply on:  2016-12-30
Strike 1: New Member
Strike 2: 2016-08-28
Statute: 3 Activity
Number of Offenses: 1

Member has been offline for a period of more than two weeks without login or notice of extended absence during probationary period.

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