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Ellieviah - Diplomat

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1Ellieviah - Diplomat Empty Ellieviah - Diplomat on Thu May 07 2015, 23:06


Have you read the Guild Laws? yes
Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws? yes
Character Name: Ellieviah Silverstone
Character Class: Priest
Character Level: 44
Player Age (18+): yes will be given at interview.
Most Recent Guild: none
Requested Role: Diplomat
Character Notes:

Ellieviah Silverstone is a young woman approximately
age 29.  She was born in Elwynn Forest to two loving parents.  At the age of ten, bandits were heard outside their small cabin and her father was quick to send her to the "safe place", a small space dug out under the floor of the cabin.  

Darkness surrounded her as the makeshift door swung down and she heard the rug brush across the floor above her.  She heard her mother cry out..  and then a thud.  She shivered at the sound of anguish in her fathers' words as he screamed, "I will kill you all!"  

There were more sounds of struggle and harsh words.. until another heavy body hit the floor.  She waited as furniture and pots were tossed about.  She waited until all the footsteps had moved to the front porch.   She waited.. and waited and finally fell asleep.  

When she woke, the next morning, all was silent.  She climbed out and saw her parents dead.  In shock, she wandered out the door and down the path.  A wood cutter found her in her stricken state, managed to gather enough information and took her to his wife to watch her while he took care of the bodies.

The kind couple took good care of her, but after a few days and still distraught she wandered further into the woods and was not seen again.

Without siblings or near relatives, she was forced to survive on her own.  The love of her parents gave her strength to go on, knowing that they would expect her to be strong.

She became strong and independent and free spirited and spent all of her time away from others.  On her own, she grew and the day came that she new she needed direction.  It was then she decided to seek the priesthood.  She felt it was  the best way to help those in need.

While in the cloister she learned basic social skills and the art of healing as well as defense.  She wanted more.  She set out for Stormwind to become all that she could in honor of her parents.

Still somewhat awkward in many ways, she dreams of becoming a fine woman like her mother and as strong and brave as her father, believing that, in doing this, she would be able to be of great benefit to the peoples she served.

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2Ellieviah - Diplomat Empty Re: Ellieviah - Diplomat on Fri May 08 2015, 00:48


Reviewed by Espectra (guild lead) 05-07-2015
Member confirmed in OOC interview to meet or exceed the minimum age restriction.
Application approved by Espectra (guild lead) 05-07-2015
Member partner will be Adencian

Guild leadership will be carefully observing and aiding the progression of this roleplayer into a detail-oriented environment.  This player is more accustomed to short, quick posts and wishes to learn to adapt to an environment where more detail is customary.  During player's probationary month, she will be provided with ample opportunities to interact with guild mates in order to assist in furthering her potential as a detail poster.  The ultimate goal is to broaden her adaptability to accommodate any style of writing in any environment, giving her the flexibility to participate in roleplay across Azeroth and with any player she wishes.

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Member left the guild without a word 06-15-2015
Member may reapply for guild membership 09-15-2015

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