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Silberman - Thief

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1Silberman - Thief Empty Silberman - Chaser on Sat Dec 12 2015, 15:02


*Have you read the Guild Laws?: Yes.
*Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?: Yes!
*Character Name   : Silberman
*Character Class  : Druid
 Character Level  : 44
 Player Age (18+) : ///
 Most Recent Guild: Fellowship of Fate - Inactive // Sunshard Battalion[H] - Inactive // Quicksilver Company
(I can still hook you up with the leaders and some ex-guildmates, though.)
*Requested Role   : Chaser
*Character Notes  : I don't have a fleshed-out TRP description for my character yet, but here's the short of it:

Ethan "Bear" Silberman. He's tall, about 6'10", and broad to boot. Well-muscled, though has a good amount of squishy-type padding. He's a kind soul, and has been most of his life. A little slow, perhaps, but kind-hearted and generous.

He's a bear - Druid of the Claw, if you couldn't guess - and has a great fondness for nature. Though he's kind, he's also swift to protect his friends, nature, and even strangers he may happen across.

Bear doesn't fight just to fight, and is pretty mild when he himself is in danger, but he can get pretty ferocious if someone else is threatened. He lives mostly off of the land, but sells herbs, potions, raw/treated leather, and whatever else he could come across. He's also prone to give away most of his stuff outside of business, to his detriment.

2Silberman - Thief Empty Re: Silberman - Thief on Sat Mar 19 2016, 15:50


Application declined due to age restriction.

3Silberman - Thief Empty Silberman - Thief on Sat Mar 19 2016, 16:11


*Have you read the Guild Laws?: Yes
*Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?: Yes
*Character Name   : Key Silberman
*Character Class  : Mage
 Character Level  : 100
 Player Age (18+) : 18
 Most Recent Guild: Exalted Vanguard - Moon Guard
*Requested Role   : Thief
*Character Notes  : 
Key is, long story short, a magical thief, using magic trickery in addition to his wit and guile to get what he wants. He charms his targets - gets on their good side - before making his move. He tends to appear very much the "trustworthy sort." He stands 5'11", with short brown hair and brown eyes. The human is slippery in combat, with robes enchanted to make next to no noise (as well as a slew of other enhancements). Despite his charisma, a wise person knows not to trust him.

This is a work in progress description, and really more akin to a few short notes. Any more information you need, please ask :^)

4Silberman - Thief Empty Re: Silberman - Thief on Tue Apr 12 2016, 05:47


Application declined due to player absence and resulting inability to complete IC and OOC interviews.

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