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Cadlington - Thief

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1 Cadlington - Thief on Sat May 16 2015, 09:28


*Have you read the Guild Laws?: Yes
*Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?: Absotutely.
*Character Name: Teryl Cadlington
*Character Class: Rogue
 Character Level: 100
 Player Age (18+): 25
 Most Recent Guild: None!
*Requested Role: Thiefguy.
*Character Notes: Half Dwarf, Full Awesomeguy.

2 Re: Cadlington - Thief on Sat May 16 2015, 09:42


Application reviewed and (obviously) approved by Espectra (guild leader) 05-16-2015
Player has been a member of the guild on standby since 04-27-2015
Member will remain unproven until his schedule changes in early June, which will better accommodate his participation in guild activity.
Member will promote to Thief after successful IC interview following his schedule change.
Member partner is Espectra.

Espectra has roleplayed with the character Teryl Cadlington and has had extremely positive impressions of the player's writing ability.  His lack of character information in the character notes is not indicative of his skill as a writer or lack thereof.

3 Re: Cadlington - Thief on Sun May 17 2015, 01:45


IC interview completed 05-17-2015.  Member to promote to Thief 05-27-2015, ahead of what was originally intended.

4 Re: Cadlington - Thief on Sun May 31 2015, 21:47


Member left the guild of his own volition 05-31-2015
Member may reapply for guild membership 08-31-2015

He will be missed.

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