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Zhishi - Diplomat

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1Zhishi - Diplomat Empty Zhishi - Diplomat on Mon Nov 09 2015, 19:11


*Have you read the Guild Laws?: Yes.
*Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?: Yes.
*Character Name   : Zhishi
*Character Class  : Shaman
 Character Level  : 24
 Player Age (18+) : 29
 Most Recent Guild: None
*Requested Role   : Diplomat
*Character Notes  :

Zhi Shi is a male Pandaren of considerable age, apparent in his greyed fur and abated walking pace. Having lived the majority of his years serving as a record keeper for the Lorewalkers of the Vale in the heart of Pandaria, Zhi has an intimate relationship with the art of writing, and an appreciation for organization. In addition to his many seasons of expertise in inscription, Zhi is an accomplished brewer of herbal teas and traditional tonics. He has spent much of his free time beyond these disciplines, communing with the elements of the world. While not wholly dedicated to the elemental realm as others, Zhi Shi fancies himself a competent Shaman with the capacity of interact with the elements on a cordial basis. The wind and the trees have stories equally as interesting as travelers from far off lands do.

His lifelong pursuit of knowledge has been fueled by insatiable curiosity. Capturing every angle of perspective on a story keeps him busy at the pen, and just as content. During his time as a custodian to the Lorewalkers, Zhi Shi became known among his people as 'He Who Records'; a patient and gracious man, willing to sit down and brew leaves with one while recounting any tale one had to share with him. Due to his dedication to the art of storytelling and his penchant for sharing refreshments with others, Zhi Shi garnered the respect of many people of his homeland, earning him a position of honor in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

In the interest of writing a grandiose final chapter for the wizened old man's story, he has chosen to eschew the comfort of his rank and venture beyond the shores of Pandaria. Choosing to settle within the lands called home by the races of the Alliance, Zhi Shi seeks to forge new friendships, and pen the outlandish tales told by those who would break bread with him.

Having spent some time now within the walls of Stormwind, Zhi has collected information regarding the lands surrounding the city, and prepares to set out on the road to experience it for himself. Woefully alone in this, he begins to consider a manner in which he may find others to partake in his adventure.

2Zhishi - Diplomat Empty Re: Zhishi - Diplomat on Mon Nov 09 2015, 22:01


Application reviewed and approved after successful IC and OOC interview by Espectra (guild lead) 11-09-2015
Member to promote to Diplomat 12-09-2015
Member partner is Elerune, but in Elerune's temporary absence, Lillyashdown will be filling in.

3Zhishi - Diplomat Empty Re: Zhishi - Diplomat on Mon Feb 08 2016, 18:18


Strike 3: 02-08-2016
Re-apply on: 05-08-2016
Strike 1: New Member
Strike 2: 11-09-2015
Statute:  3: Activity
Number of Offenses: 1

Member was given ample warning that removal would be imminent if he did not provide a return date by the end of February.  As of 2/8, no contact has been received.

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