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Welcome! An explanation of our membership application.

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Welcome to Rivals of Trust!

If you are interested in joining our little family, changing roles within the guild, or promoting to the rank of Enforcer, please post an application by creating a new topic in the forum, using the subject format "Character Name - Requested Rank".  Please type your character name exactly as it appears in-game, including the correct alt-codes for any special letters.

Please complete all required fields, denoted by an Asterisk (*).  APPLICATIONS WHERE REQUIRED FIELDS ARE LEFT BLANK WILL BE SUMMARILY DECLINED.

Once your application has been completed and submitted, the Guild Mistress or the Enforcer for your requested rank will review your application and post a request for an in-game interview in response to your application.  You may also be contacted in-game directly by the Enforcer for your rank in lieu or in addition to the forum response.  Both an IC and an OOC interview are required.  In some cases where optional fields are left blank, guild leadership may ask for the missing information during the OOC interview.

Explanation of the Template:

*Have you read our Guild Laws?:

The Guild Laws are a series of structured regulations that outline how our guild operates and what is expected of our members.  Some of these rules are IC, some are OOC, and some apply to both IC and OOC.  We do our best to explain which are which within the laws themselves; however, if you require clarification, please feel free to whisper an Enforcer or the Guild Mistress in-game with questions.

Note:  The Finance section of the guild laws is entirely IC and has no real bearing on the guild's function or story.  It is strictly flavor for those who wish to employ it for roleplay purposes.

*Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?:

The guild laws, as described above, are not optional.  It is required that all members abide by these rules, both in interaction within the guild and outside of the guild.

Character Name:

Your character's full roleplay name, including first name and last name, nickname if this is how your character prefers to be addressed, and any title that your character is regularly addressed by.

*Character Class:

Your character's class in-game (ie. Rogue, Priest, Warrior, etc)

Current Level:

Your character's current level in-game (at the time of application; we understand level may change between application and interview).

Most Recent Guild:

The name of the most recent guild your character has been a member of, typed exactly as it appears in-game, including the correct alt-code characters for any special letters.

This field acts as a reference to your character as a player when interacting with other players in a guild environment.  We will use this information to attempt to contact your former guild members for positive reference.  Positive references may increase chances of early promotion to your assigned rank or approval for officership later.

Negative references will NOT hinder on-time promotion to your assigned rank. Only your activities during your probationary period within our guild can have a negative impact on your on-time promotion to your assigned rank.

This field is not required, but we strongly encourage you to complete it.

Player Age (18+ only):

YOUR REAL LIFE AGE (not your character's role-play age).

This guild has an 18+ age requirement.

If you do not wish your age to be shared with other members and/or applicants, you may leave this field blank and share your age with the Enforcer who interviews you.  Please note that we will post a note in response to your application after the interview that you meet the age requirement (the actual number will not be posted) so that we have this information on record.

*Requested Role:

The position within the guild that you are requesting.

Available new-member roles are:  Thief, Brawler, Chaser, Diplomat, and Opportunist.

Current members may request a lateral move to a different role or apply for the position of Enforcer.  Note:  Members who are applying for the rank of Enforcer may ONLY be approve to enforce their CURRENT role in the guild. If players wish to enforce for a different role, an application must first be submitted and approve for a lateral shift in guild role.

ALL new members are temporarily assigned a probationary rank and promoted into the role they are assigned after one month of positive involvement with guild functions.

New members may NOT apply for the position of Enforcer.  Enforcer is the guild's Officer rank and may only be applied for by members who have served their probationary term and have been promoted to their assigned role.

Please note that you may not always be given the role you request.  Based on the information you provide about your character's history and personality, you may be assigned to a role that we feel is more fitting for your character.  If you are assigned to a role that you did not request on this application and are unsatisfied with the role you were assigned, you may submit a new application for a lateral change in role once your probationary period has been served and you have been promoted into the role to which you were originally assigned.  Applications for a lateral shift under these circumstances will ONLY be approved if the character's personality has been adjusted to better fit the role that the player wishes to play.

*Character Notes:

A brief description of your character's history and personality as well as why you believe your character is a fit for the role you are requesting.

IMPORTANT: Applications placed here will be public to everyone, so make sure your content is appropriate!  Any inappropriate content will be deleted and application summarily declined.  Additionally, any individuals posting content deemed to be pornographic or overly vulgar in nature will not only have their membership application declined without interview but will also be blacklisted from guild membership for the foreseeable future.

Application last updated 02-19-2015.  Applications posted prior to the most recent update may not follow the current format.

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