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Espectra - Diplomat Enforcer (Example Application)

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01)*Character Name:  Espectra

02)*Role:  Diplomat

03)*Do you have alt characters in other guilds, on this server or another? No

04)*Have you completed your mentorship quarter? No

05)*Which enforcer mentored you? N/A

06)*Have you read the leadership section of the guild laws? Yes

07)*Do you believe you have what it takes to meet the requirements outlined in that section? No

08) How many events did you attend during your mentorship quarter, including events led by you? N/A

09) How many events did you lead during your mentorship quarter? N/A

10) Was your mentor present at each of the events you led? No

11) If your mentor was not present at one or more of the events you led, who supervised your event(s)? N/A

12)*Describe which of your personal traits will be an asset to you as an enforcer.  My personal dedication to the guild has been a large part of my success to date, and I intend for it to be in the future as well.  My ability to constantly learn and grow, to create new ideas, to continually plan and lead events, and to flexibly adjust the ongoing story to fit the actions of the involved characters has been a large part of the success of events to date.

13) If you had to name your best enforcer quality, what would it be?  Dedication

14) Based on the leadership section of our guild laws, do you believe that you have areas that you need to improve in? If so, where?  My judgment needs work, and I feel like I could stand to be a bit less proud than I am.  I also tend to favor certain participants over others... not to any real benefit, but my reactions are more positive to some than to others.  Beyond just the leadership qualifications list, I also really need to improve in my ability to connect and communicate well with people that I do not necessarily see eye-to-eye with.  I continue to learn, but I feel as though my learning curve is broad, and the end of that path is nowhere in sight.  I have no previous leadership experience but for a couple of small groups, and I certainly did not have the dedication necessary then to see them through.  I find that I tend to be judgmental of other guild leaders who do not have a level of dedication to their guilds that I believe to be required for a successful roleplay guild, although I will be the first to admit that their ability to promote and maintain officers is considerably better than mine.  I also feel like my ability to teach is limited and that my capabilities as a mentor are lacking.  My organization skills, while they are extensive, are poorly-utilized and could stand some exercise.  I could stand to put a considerable deal more effort into certain things, such as recruiting, advertising for events, and public relations with other guilds.  I'm particularly selfish on certain things, especially what little free time I have.  I tend to want to be lazy when I'm not at work, and I am selfish with that time, using it for personal laziness and entertainment when I could be considerably more productive with it by working for the guild, either in recruiting and advertising, in familiarizing myself with other guilds, or in working on the website history.  I feel that I am also lacking some in creativity, and while I have enough to get by, I frequently find myself lacking for ideas.  I also tend to be indecisive, putting off pertinent decisions until the last second or ultimately letting someone else decide for me how to proceed.  I am often discouraged and frequently consider giving up on the guild, and I feel like my perseverance in moments like that is sorely lacking.  I also really struggle with discipline.  Keeping members in line, enforcing activity requirements, and meting out discipline where it is required are things that I am not fond of and tend to struggle with.  While my public integrity is generally all right, although I have my moments, my private integrity is pathetic.  I go back on my own values often, and while few people ever realize that, the few who do realize it are negatively affected by it.  This is something I badly need to work on and is probably the one I would call my worst.

15) What tools do you have available to you that will assist you as an enforcer?  Elephant is a huge asset and has been my number one tool as an enforcer to date.  I believe that my personal connections with other well-connected individuals is an asset to me, as well as my public image.  My diplomatic skills, which I believe are still in the very early stages of development, have also been an asset that I will continue to use going forward.

16) Do you believe that you are lacking any tools that you will need to be a successful enforcer? If so, explain.  Time.  Despite my time constraints being considerably less than everyone else's, I never feel like there is enough of this particularly-invaluable resource... and what I have to use, I tend to waste (as mentioned earlier) on laziness and personal entertainment when I should be utilizing it for guild productivity.  I also feel like I personally lack motivation, which is a tool that I feel is extremely important in a guild leadership position.  Being unable to see the immediate results of my actions makes being motivated difficult, and I feel like I need to find more inner motivation, personal motivation, rather than motivation from known outcome to move me forward.

17) What are some examples of situations in which you believe you acted in a leadership capacity?  The most obvious examples are the events that I run, but beyond those, I have worked extensively with certain members of the guild in an effort to involve them, bring them into the fold, and work with their schedules in order to make certain that they can meet the activity requirements.  It doesn't always work out, but I believe that making that effort demonstrates part of my ability as a leader.  I believe that personally seeking criticism on a regular basis from my guild members is also a demonstration of good leadership, and while I would like to think that I respond favorably to that criticism, I do believe that I could stand to work on improving where I am being criticized more than I do.

18) In any of the above situations, did you step in to lead when you were not scheduled to do so? N/A

19) Describe a situation in which you took initiative.  It took a very strong initiative - and resolve - to put myself in front of my guildmates and request criticism from them.  It has also taken a strong initiative to develop and lead the Networking Nights that have been happening since the guild was founded over a year ago.

20)*What does the term "integrity" mean to you?  Integrity means sticking to the values that one puts in place for one's own self, keeping strictly to one's word, and admitting when one fails to do either of these.

21) Are there any members of the guild that you dislike? (Yes or no is fine; you need not name them.) Yes

22) Are there any members of the guild that you favor? (Again, no names.) Yes

23) With an understanding of the above two answers, do you believe that those feelings will hinder your success as an enforcer?  I am very careful to be certain that my favoritism in emotion does not come through in my actions to any benefit of those I favor, but I will admit (and did above as well) that I sometimes react to those I favor in a more positive way than to those whom I dislike.  In this way, yes, I believe that my favoritism is a hindrance to my success as an enforcer, as I think it is very important to ensure that all members are treated equally.

Additional Notes:

I founded this guild more than a year ago with great dreams, big ideals, a metric ton of pride, and no REAL idea what the hell I was doing.  Since then, I have been taken down more than one notch by the community as I struggled to prove myself only to find that I was nowhere near as high and mighty as I had built myself up to be.  I still have a great deal of pride in this guild, and my dedication to her never wanes.  I still have great dreams for her success, and perhaps eventually we'll get there.  I have learned a great deal about what it means to be a guild leader, what it takes to be successful, and how difficult it is for a guild to struggle up through the murk of people's impressions of guilds in general to be seen as something better than the majority.  RoT is still struggling, and we will continue to struggle for as long as we exist.  I'm not about to quit now, and I hope that my members won't either... but I have a long, long way to go before I can call myself a good guild leader.  I still feel like I'm brand new at this, and every day, I'm learning something new... about my guild, about our community, but more importantly, about myself.  I've gained skills since becoming a guild leader that I never thought I would need, and I often still struggle to use those skills outside of the guild's benefit.  Sometimes, I still struggle to use them -for- the guild's benefit.  Personal time has become very important to me since starting this guild, and I feel as though I waste far too much of it being lazy rather than productive.  I lack so much and need growth in so much more, and there are still very few things that I really feel qualified in.  I am emotional and reactive, and I struggle often with responding in a neutral fashion to certain people who push my buttons.  I struggle even more with responding positively to those people.  I feel like I express that frustration far too easily and need to remember the position I'm in... to take a step back and realize that complaining to my guild about a negative circumstance or a person whom I am struggling to communicate with is not the way to handle the situation and will only result in more negativity... negativity that spreads very rapidly.  I also struggle with getting too close to my guild members, and I have to remember to keep a professional distance.

All in all, I am nowhere near qualified to be an enforcer, and yet here I am...

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